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Review and Selection to Meet June 21 in Story City
       The Review and Selection Committee (RSC) for the
Iowa State Snowmobile Trail Grant Program
will meet June 21 at 2 p.m. at the Comfort Inn in Story City to review applications for the 2018-19
snowmobile season.
       Clubs which have submitted requests are invited to send a representative to attend the meeting. "If
your club has requested large trail projects, repairs or a new groomer, we do request a representative
from your club be at the meeting to answer questions if possible," reported ISSA President Chris Willey,
co-administrator of the program.
       Applications for the upcoming season were due May 1. As of June 4, eight clubs had not turned
anything in, and with 2018 being a transition year between the ISSA and Iowa Department of Natural
Resources, an extension is being granted to those outstanding clubs.
       "The RSC's goal is to work with all clubs and their individual needs and circumstances, whether it
be what kind of specific equipment they feel they need or if their request for reimbursement was lost in
the mail," Willey explained. "With this being the first full year of the state snowmobile program in its new
form, the RSC Committee is working with all clubs and showing some leniency.  
       "There has been challenges for both clubs and the RSC in this first year. This is the reason we
have decided to work with these clubs and the circumstances that caused them to be on this list.  
Several of the clubs have already contacted me, and in a lot of these cases, the club had sent their
request in on time and it was a matter of lost emails or postage.  
       "We appreciate all the clubs that got their requests in on time. I assure everyone going forward the
deadlines will be enforced," Willey added.