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2016-17 Platinum
2016-17 ISSA Platinum
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Snocross Racing Coming
to Iowa in Early March
      Sundown Mountain Resort at Dubuque
will host the seventh leg of the eight-race
season for the
Amsoil Championship Snocross series
March 3-4, according to the circuit’s official
website at
     Releasing its schedule in September,
the professional season begins Nov. 25-
27 at Duluth and
ends two weeks after its Iowa stop at Lake
Geneva, Wis.
     ISSA officials are making plans to
promote the organization and Iowa
snowmobiling in general
at the Dubuque event.
     “We are going to want to have an ISSA
presence there,” ISSA President Chris
Willey said. “There will be a lot of people
coming into Iowa for this event, and it will
be a good captive audience for us.”
New Leadership in Place Following
Elections at 43rd Annual ISSA Convention
     Merv Hoermann completed his second two-year term as ISSA president, and Jim and Chris Willey
became the first father-son tandem to lead the organization following elections Nov. 19 at the 43rd Annual
ISSA Convention in Waterloo.
     Hoermann, who passed the gavel to the junior Willey at the Saturday evening banquet, wished his
successor the best over the next two years and thanked the ISSA Board of Directors for their support over
the past two years.
     “I just want to say that our organization is strong and growing,” Hoermann said. “I wish Chris and the
board success here in the next two years, and I feel confident they will get the job done. I’ll still be around
and will hopefully get to ride more now and get to some new areas around the state.”
     Willey has vowed to keep a close eye on the Iowa Department of Natural Resources as the state
snowmobile program transitions to a new accounting practice and new department head. He will also
work to clean up with windshields once the Iowa Legislature convenes in January.
     “One of the biggest challenges we are facing now is to get back to one sticker,” Willey said. “Leave the
trail pass system in place for out-of-state riders, but Iowa residents should only need one decal.”
     Approximately 140 ISSA members attended this fall's convention, hosted by Region 4 and held at the
Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center. More on the three-day event is featured in the December and
January issues of the Iowa Snowmobiler.

The convention moves to Cedar Rapids in 2017.
Incoming ISSA President Chris Willey presented Outgoing
ISSA President Merv Hoermann with a plaque recognizing
his years of service to the ISSA at the 2016 ISSA Annual
Convention in Waterloo Nov. 18-20. Hoermann completed
his second two-year term leading the ISSA, and Chris and
Jim Willey became the first father-son duo to
head the
     Mike Eddy of the Iowa River Riders of Region 3 won the ISSA’s Grand Raffle drawing at the 43rd
Annual ISSA Convention in Waterloo Nov. 19. The 50-50 cash drawing netted $3,080, which was split
evenly between Eddy and the ISSA. Presenting the check is ISSA Grand Raffle Chair Gary McVicker, left.
     The ISSA abandoned its popular ‘Win the Sled of Your Dreams’ raffle after posting a $3,000 loss last
year. The ISSA is tossing around ideas for the 2017 raffle but has not made a decision to continue the
program at this time.
Eastern Iowa Sledheads
Move up to Region 9
     Just a month after being assigned to the newly-created Region 10, the Eastern Iowa Sledheads
petitioned the ISSA Board of Directors in November to move up to Region 9.
     Club President Mindy Scott made the request at the Sunday morning board meeting, Nov. 20, and
cited her members’ proximity to the desired region and to neighboring clubs which are already in that
     “The region split between Regions 9 and 10 is Highway 22,” Scott explained. “More than half of our
trail system is above Highway 22. Also, our club, the Cedar County Winter Warriors and the Snowdrifters
all have members in either two of the three clubs or all three clubs, like ourselves. To us, it made more
sense to continue to be in the same region as the other two clubs.”
     The decision to place the Sledheads in Region 10 initially was to leverage the club’s experience for
new director Aaron Dorothy. The club’s departure now leaves just three clubs in Region 10 and increases
the count in Region 9 to nine. Both region directors agreed to the change, and the board approved the
     Earlier that weekend, the ISSA General Membership ratified the board’s creation of an enlarged
Region 10 and the elimination of Regions 11 and 12 during the Saturday morning assembly at the 2016
ISSA Annual Convention. Members overwhelmingly approved the change in the relevant sections of the by-
laws, which referenced the reduction of 12 regions down to 10.
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