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Contact Your Legislator on Merging Trail Pass with Registration
      A measure to merge the $15 registration fee with the $15 user permit fee required for residents to
ride their snowmobiles in Iowa remain
s before the Senate Ways and Means Committee.
      Passed by the Iowa House in 2017 and backed by the ISSA Board of Directors, the proposal calls for
the consolidation of both stickers into one $30 decal. The move is expected to capture those owners who
only register their sleds. If approved, the legislation would also add another $90,000 to the state
snowmobile program coffers, money officials say is needed to maintain the 8,800-mile trail system in
      ISSA Lobbyists Mike Heller and Paula Feltner met with
Sen. Randy Feenstra, R-Hull, chair of the
Ways and Means Committee the second week of February, to see if they could get any movement

on House File 628.
      “He indicated that he would likely reassign the bill after next week’s funnel deadline, and it is going to
be crucial that members of his committee hear from snowmobilers that they are supportive of the
measure,” Heller wrote in his weekly update to the ISSA.
      On Feb. 17, the ISSA distributed a ‘Call to Action’ email to its membership, asking all Iowa
snowmobilers to
contact their legislators, regardless if they are on the Ways and Means Committee or
      “We need everyone to contact their legislators and let them know you support HF 628 to go to a single
$30 registration for Iowa residents and no longer require Iowa residents to purchase a trail pass,” ISSA
President Chris Willey wrote. “This change will help the ISSA provide a better and stable flow of funding to
the clubs for grooming and trail projects.”
Thanks to a pair of early February snowfalls, the ISSA was finally able to host one of its Snowmobile Iowa
trail rides Feb. 10 in Region 7. Hosted by the Saylorville Dam Snowmobile Club, 15 riders rode 75 miles
of trail in central Iowa, including parts of the Heart of Iowa Nature Trail, above.
Travel Plans Ahead for ISSA Officials
      Officers and directors from the ISSA will be travelling this spring to represent Iowa snowmobiling
interests on the national and international stage.
      In April, local leaders fly to Washington, D.C., to participate in the
American Council of Snowmobile
Associations (ACSA) annual D.C. Fly-In. After that, they travel to Nova Scotia for the 50th Annual
International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) in June.
      Each event is filled with guest speakers and meetings related to the sport of snowmobiling. In D.C.,
participants will meet with their respective representatives on Capitol Hill, and at ISC, leaders from state,
provincial and international snowmobile associations will gather to develop strategies on preserving
access and funding for snowmobiling.
      ISSA President Chris Willey (or his designee) will represent Iowa on the International Snowmobile
Council as well as during meetings with the full ACSA board and the Midwest Chapter of ACSA.
The American Council of Snowmobile
Associations (ACSA) is once again selling its
fundraising raffle calendars. Only 3,000
calendars have been printed for 2018, and
winners for cash and other prizes worth a
combined $14,500 are drawn for each day.
The odds of winning are 1:8.
To purchase a calendar, contact Past ISSA
President Jim Willey at
or the ACSA office at
Campout Host Needed for this Summer
       The ISSA is soliciting bids from its member clubs to host the 2018 Summer Campout, normally held
in July.
       As always, the ISSA provides $200 in incentive money to the host club, and as much as $600 in
expenses can be reimbursed through the ISSA.
       Last summer, the Butler County Snow Snoops of Region 4 stepped forward to host, and everyone
had a great time at Camp Comfort near Greene. Events can be as simple or elaborate as desired.
       If your club is interested in hosting this year’s campout, please reach out to your ISSA Region Director
or contact ISSA President Chris Willey at (563) 920-9010 or
kioti79@gmail.com to submit a bid.