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The purpose of the ISSA is to stimulate and advance the general welfare and
safety of winter sports enthusiasts; to provide a medium for the exchange of
snowmobiling snowmobiling; to serve the interests of snowmobile owners in the
state of Iowa; to information; and to perform all desirable and lawful functions for
the successful operation of the association and in the general public interest.
The ISSA has been serving the Iowa snowmobiling community since its riders,
families and associate members as well as a network of 61 member-clubs.
Through that dedicated membership, the association has helped to maintain an
expansive fleet of groomers and a trail system encompassing 8,000 miles.
Without the ISSA over the past 30 years, snowmobiles--for example--would have
been held to a 15 mph speed limit in Iowa, and there would not have been any
night or ditch riding. The ISSA is a dues-paying member of the
American Council
of Snowmobile Associations, and each June, our organization sends delegates
to the International Snowmobile Congress and hosts a statewide convention
each November.
Funded by member dues and grants, the ISSA is governed by a Board of Directors
that meets semi-monthly. Click on the 'Calendar of Events' link at left for dates,
times and minutes are posted at left. Annually-elected officers include the
President, Vice President and Secretary, while the Treasurer is appointed by the
sitting President. The state is divided into
10 regions. Each region is represented
by a director who is elected to his or her post by ISSA members in his or her
respective region at convention. Terms last two years, and each Region Director
can appoint assistant(s). Up to five Past Presidents (see left) can also serve on
the board, and many board members chair the various committees which help the
ISSA function. A complete list of the current Board of Directors and Committee
Chairs can be obtained by clicking the 'Contact Us' link above.
Past Presidents
Merv Hoermann
Jim Willey
Gary Burger
Gary McVicker
Merv Hoermann
Terry Durby
Jerry Kramer
Dennis Nauman
Jeff Jans
Bruno Andreini
Dave Carmichael
Scott Kooiker
Dale Vagts
Dick Melick
Roger Muth
Larry Childs
Dan Martin
Marv Heikens
Chuck Colegrove
Rich Moench
Gary Fairchild
Bill Nordstrom
Gary Bruns
Richard Grosse
Larry Huntley

Listed in order
of most recent
The benefits of an ISSA membership are great. First and foremost is the unified
front of snowmobilers lobbying on behalf of the sport in Iowa. In 2002, the
association hired its own lobbyist, Des Moines area lawyers Mike Heller and
Paula Feltner, to keep an eye on snowmobiling interests at the State Capitol.
Members also receive a free subscription to the
Iowa Snowmobiler magazine, the
official ISSA publication. Graduating high school seniors from ISSA families are  
also able to apply for a scholarship from the ISSA's
Education and Scholarship
Foundation. Additionally, the ISSA sponsors a Grand Raffle each year. And lastly,
members are eligible to participate in the ISSA's
Awards Program and Early
Membership and Renewal Program.
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