The Iowa Snowmobiler magazine is published seasonally seven times a year, September through
March. All issues are also published digitally on this website.
     Throughout the year, each issue is filled with news, features and other information relative to
snowmobiling in Iowa. As an ISSA member, your club is welcome to submit for publication in the
magazine Club News and items for the Calendar of Events at no charge.
     Iowa snowmobilers are also encouraged to submit stories and related pictures on their snowmobiling
adventures to the magazine office. Club News, directory changes and calendar of events submissions are
due by the
deadlines posted here.
If you are interested in advertising in our magazine, download our rate card or become a platinum sponsor
of the ISSA. Clubs are also invited to become
platinum sponsors, and special rates exist for clubs to
promote their events.
For more information, see the contact info below.
Contact Information
Editorial and Advertising
Cameron Hanson, Editor
2552 Woodland Place
Charles City, IA  50616
(641) 330-5565
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Changes, Deadlines Announced
for Iowa Snowmobiler magazine
  Losing three publishers over the past 17 years, the ISSA has assumed financial control of its official
publication, the
Iowa Snowmobiler magazine, and its companion website at
  Now entering his 18th season with the ISSA, Cameron Hanson will continue to serve as editor of the
seven-issue seasonal magazine as well as webmaster for the website but will no longer serve as
publisher, a capacity he filled from 2010 to 2017. Previously, the magazine was published by Printcomm
and later Pioneer Graphics.
  "Due to policy changes by most snowmobile manufacturers to not fund snowmobile association
publications through advertising and poor snowfall impacting advertising revenues, the previous
arrangements are no longer workable for Cameron," explained Jim Willey, chair of the ISSA's
Communications Committee.
  At its August meeting, the ISSA Board of Directors agreed to cover the costs of producing, printing and
distributing the magazine and hopes to recover those expenses through advertising revenue and
fundraising efforts.
  Although marginally successful last season, the ISSA's Magazine Maker fundraiser will not continue this
year. Instead, the ISSA is encouraging its member clubs to become Platinum Sponsors at a reduced rate
of $350, a commitment of just $50 per issue. The regular rate for businesses and associates remains at
  To become a platinum sponsor of the ISSA, please fill out the form
  See below for deadlines for the upcoming season.