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Groomer Operator Manual
Groomer Operator Manual
The Iowa State Snowmobile Trail Grant Program and the Review and Selection Committee
oversee grooming operations in Iowa and determine equipment placement with clubs. In order to
operate a groomer, an operator must become certified by the program.

Below are the steps to becoming a certified groomer operator:
  1. Apply to the program and authorize a driver's license check.  Click here for application.
  2. Attend a new groomer operator training.
  3. Complete a mentorship with a certified groomer.  Click here for training checklist.
  4. Return training checklist to program to complete certification process.
  5. Certification card is issued by program.

Anyone operating snow grooming equipment must possess a valid driver's license and a certified
groomer operator card issued by the IDNR.

For more information or if your club would like to host a groomer recertification course, contact ISSA
Groomer Training Coordinator Chris Willey at (563) 920-9010 or
Permanent Administrative Positions
  • Chris Willey, Past ISSA President/Groomer Training Coordinator
  • Terry Durby, Past ISSA President
Members By Position
  • Scott Nauman, ISSA President
  • John Kahler, ISSA Vice President
Members By Election
  • Randy Magg (Western representative)
  • John Gallentine (Central representative)
  • Todd Sieverding (Eastern representative)
Iowa DNR Representative
  • Rhonda Fowler
The Iowa State Snowmobile Trail Grant Program is responsible for purchasing trail signs in Iowa.
       On Sept. 11, 2017, the ISSA signed a cooperative agreement with the Iowa Department of
Natural Resources to assume control of the snowmobile trail grant process and the distribution of
more than two-thirds of the snowmobile registration fees collected annually.
       The contract also transferred ownership of the groomer fleet to the ISSA, and administration of
the program now falls on the ISSA’s Review and Selection Committee (RSC) for approving grant
requests and on the ISSA’s Emergency Funding Committee (EFC) for issuing payments.
       Past ISSA Presidents Chris Willey and Terry Durby serve in permanent administrative
positions on those subcommittees. Below is the RSC roster. Please use the following email
address to contact the RSC:
All in-person groomer training has been limited to small-group settings due to the coronavirus
pandemic. Email for more information, additional questions or special
Watch the Butler County Snow Snoops grooming
video from the 2018-19 season.
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Iowa Snowmobile Regulations
2021-22 Trail Grant Letter
2021-22 Trail Grant Application (due June 1)
2021-22 Trail Sign Order (due June 1)
RSC Operating Policies and Procedures
Groomer Selection Matrix
Groomer Operator Manual
Groomer Operator Log
Groomer Operator Training Checklist
Iowa Snowmobile Regulations
Updated landowner agreement
Trail Grant Program
Grooming north of Floyd, Region 4
Iowa State Snowmobile Association
Past ISSA President Chris Willey, groomer operator training coordinator for Iowa, leads a
small-group session in February hosted by the Scott County Sno-Seekers of Region 9.